I learned to fly at the Brampton Flying Club with private licence earned in 1963 at the age of 16. I started my aviation career in Red Lake Ontario in 1968 and progressed from a Super Cub to a DC-3 captain in the 5 years I spent there. I flew for OCA (Ontario Central Airways) owned by Barney Lamm. I will try and present my aviation "magic" years at some point.

I left Red Lake in the early 70's and wandered a bit. Stint at Trans Air, with a move to Sioux Lookout after that went south. I then flew DC3 for the next few years in Sioux and then was hired as a direct entry Convair 440 captain with Great Lakes in Sarnia Ontario. Unfortunately they went into receivership a few months after that and I ended up back in Sioux Lookout and back on a DC3. I was then approached by Aero Trades in Winnipeg to take a chief pilot position due to them buying a Convair 640 and remained there until Austin Airways moved into NWO and I find myself in Sioux Lookout, again!

I spent the next 8 years with Austin Airways with a brief contract at Bearskin as chief pilot to help get a Sanders ST-27 on their OC. I flew Twin Otter, 402 and Hawker 748 at Austin's. In the mid 80's Austin Airways and the Deluce family changed their business plan away from Northwestern Ontario and directed it towards Air Ontario. I was not interested in living in the GTA and jumped ship to Bradley Air Services, AKA First Air.I was hired at First Air as a Hawker 748 captain and progressed from there and flew the Boeing 727 (best I ever flew) to the Hercules and finally ending up on the Boeing 737-200. Never really liked that aeroplane but I also preferred a Norseman to a Beaver, what does that tell you? I remained there until my retirement in 2012. Retirement was not by choice but due to an age 65 clause. I continued to work after that until 2019 as first a Lear 35 captain for Air Tindi and finally a DC3T captain for Frank Kelner.

It's been a good run and now I am sitting at home waiting for the warm weather and a chance to get the jet boats into the water.